MOTON Products : Industrial

Since the beginning of AST suspension we have been developing, producing and selling shock absorbers for the industrial market all around the world.


Because of the wide knowledge of our engineers we are the perfect partner in developing a new industrial solution for your company. This can be for rollercoasters, agricultural or other industrial purposes.

  • Close cooperation between customer and engineers is very important in custom projects
  • The difference between car/motorcycle suspension and industrial suspension is very clear for us because of our years of experience within the industrial market.
  • All projects will be designed by experience engineers in the newest version of SolidWorks.
  • Our Roehrig testing machines are at your service during the development of your custom product.

Clients can provide us Geometric files in Parasolid, STEP AP203, STEP AP214, E-Drawings, Catia Graphics, ProE/Creo, DXF and DWF of their projects. With our 3D CAD program Solidworks we can work with these files and be at your service.


We offer our clients a step by step plan, clear prices and planning. We have all the facilities and capacity to develop your custom project.